THE VAULT: Samples

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In 1978, Tony Green teamed up with George Clinton and Ron Banks of The Dramatics to make the song "One of Those Funky Thangs" by Parliament from their album Motor Booty Affair

Funky Thangs was notably sampled by:

"Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX
"How Ya Do Dat" by Young Bleed ft. Master P
"Head Banger" by EPMD

Listen to the original:

Selected Samples

"Jump Up In The Air" by Erykah Badu ft. Lil' WayneSample of "Jump Up In The Air" (Original P/Westbound Souljaz)
"Cali Shine" by The GameSample of "California Sunshine" (The Dramatics)
"Make Em Pay" by Gang Starr Sample of "You're Something Special" (Five Special)