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Founded in early 2018, the Hyped Up Live Sessions™ is an artist-centric content platform designed to showcase exceptional talent from around the world.

Every month we curate a lineup of emerging acts to perform at our Midwest HQ. As a genre inclusive organization, we're committed to supporting the creative community and the future of the performance arts.

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Episode 21 - Thornetta Davis

Episode 18 - Kaleido

Episode 16 - Jena Irene Asciutto

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Our team

Tony Green | Executive Producer & Host

Yorg Kerasiotis | Program Director

Sean Parrish | Lighting & Set Design

Tommy Kozup | Audio Engineer, Editor

Natalie Morris | Program Switcher

Robyne Parton | Marketing & Promotion

Jackie Wallace | Interviewer

Nick Parrett | Cameras

Kurt Norris | Cameras

Chris & Justin | Drone Shots



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our Theme Song

Produced by Tony T. Money Green / performed by Toni Green, B Def, and Kolorblind / written by Barry Lawrence, Nycole Ewasiuk, Toni Green, and Kyle Rybak.